How Is Shapewear Supposed to Fit

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Shapewear is a very popular garment today and is a companion for the modern woman when it comes to obtaining a more beautiful and curvaceous body in a short space of time.

However, there are many doubts regarding how shapewear should fit our bodies. Should it be tighter? Looser? Which model is suitable for each body type?

In today’s article, we will talk a little more about this.

Model 1: faja waist trainer

It not only shapes the waist, but also supports the breasts and also lifts the back, which has an effect on improving the hump and correcting posture. Its lower hem arc design can contain abdomen cellulite, has a wide strap, and is comfortable and does not squeeze the shoulder.

Its main results:

Non-slip zipper with semi-automatic lock being easy to use and take off, we use quality zipper, firm and smooth, durable to pull, and easily damaged.

The zipper has an easy lock, does not slip and guarantees the effect in shaping the waist and abdomen.

Accelerates fat burning 3 times more than normal with double belts design: achieving waist exercise strengthening, accelerating fat burning in the waist and abdomen, and the shaping effect is much better. Furthermore, we use velcro that provides good adhesion and easy tightness adjustment, ensuring a firm closure, making it impossible to open easily.

Material made with a double layer that does not harm the skin: rubber outer part, good elasticity and resilience, reshaping the waist line. The inner layer contains pure cotton lining, which is breathable, breathable and comfortable.

Model 2: faja body shaper

Model that promotes high pressure. It has elastic lace at the bottom with silicone so it doesn’t bend. Including a silicone-free arm loop. It includes 2 pressure adjustments for your best comfort, and ease in the intimate area when going to the bathroom and abdomen when closing and also a chest-to-chest lycra regulator.

Its lycra base provides a discreet fit under clothing and the body. ensures maximum breathability. Its ergonomic shape with electric mesh lining provides extra coverage for the belly, hips and back

Body contouring design for tummy and back highlighting buttock areas to highlight back angles for a firm, lifted appearance. lus a hook and eye gusset for added convenience.

Model 3: faja leggings

And last but not least we have This piece is undoubtedly essential in any woman’s wardrobe, whether for everyday life or for those who follow the fitness line using dark blue neoprene leggings with a wide waist.

Produced with polyurethane and neoprene to increase sweating and fat burning;

Its hook closure is specially made for easy tension adjustment. Its seams are delicate, thus reducing friction and leaving your curves much flatter and more beautiful, in addition, its seam fits very well on the butt.

Finally, each shapewear model has its own particularities and benefits, you just have to choose yours according to your personal needs. Visit the store’s website and check out what’s new.

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