Power Supply Backup


How Is The UPS Battery Used For Power Supply Backup?

What do you do when you run out of battery or power in critical situations? It would be best if you ideally reached the battery backup supply managed for emergency situations. But what to do when the battery for UPS (แบตเตอรี่ UPS, which is the term in Thai) is required? Let us first understand what a UPS battery is and its exact usage.

UPS Battery And Its Usage

A battery for UPS is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a device used for power backup provision for electronic gadgets and equipment during power failure. The power failure can be either due to artificial or natural occurrences. It is advantageous and helpful in difficult times of power failure as it helps with the power supply to keep the devices and types of equipment up and running.

There are several electrical appliances and equipment that are used on an everyday basis at the workplace and at home. The UPS allows power supply for all of these devices. But if there is a sudden power cut, it is necessary to switch off the appliances immediately. Even a minimal power supply is enough to turn off the devices. Hence, it is essential to calculate the battery required in times of power failure, at least to switch off the running appliances.

Which Are The Terminologies Frequently Used In Connection With UPS Batteries

Every category has various related terms and statements, which are critical to understanding. Similarly, even for battery UPS, there are several terms and words which are frequently used to denote specific satiation, such as:

  • Load: It refers to the power or energy of the UPS battery for usage
  • Run Time: It refers to the overall time and power that the battery can provide to all the connected devices.
  • Input: Refers to the current going into the UPS battery for providing power to other devices.
  • Ah: Ah is the Ampere hour which denotes the battery’s capacity per hour of usability. It is usually expressed in amps, which measure the battery’s ability.

Purchasing the perfect battery size for UPS is vital as the power backup required for a specific device or setup differs. It is different for all kinds of devices. Hence it is essential to check the power necessary and accordingly purchase the UPS battery depending on the runtime and load requirement. The full functionality of the equipment depends on the UPS battery in the time of power failure situations.

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