7 Items A Caregiver Needs Besides Adult Diapers

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While it is true that the younger generations are the future leaders, they will not exist without the older generations. Seniors may already have passed their prime, but their ability to express themselves and what they have done for society remains the same. Needing to use adult diapers in Singapore because of incontinence does not make them any less human.

In that case, ensure to give all the love and care you can provide to your elderly patients. Always be ready by having a go-to bag. Here are the items it should contain besides adult diapers.

1. Powerbank

Using a smartphone to check the weather, direction, and when to drink the medication will eventually use all the battery juice it has. Having a power bank will allow you to charge at any time, and the senior’s family that you are taking care of can contact you at all times.

2. Medical Information

Besides having extra adult diapers ready in Singapore for urinary incontinence, older people also experience other conditions. A list of the medical information inside your bag will come in handy when something unexpected happens.

3. Pill Organiser

Older people have to take several medications. Since keeping all the medicine bottles can be bulky and heavy to carry, you should keep all of them organised in a pill organiser.

4. Bath Towels

Another thing you need to have on your go-to bag is bath towels in Singapore. You will need them, especially if you are required to take good care of an elderly patient for days.

5. Healthy Snacks

Older people often have a poor appetite, and they might get hungry at the least unexpected times. Having some healthy snacks in your bag can keep their hunger at bay.

6. Wet Tissue

Older people are like children. They can be clumsy at times, so you need to have a wet tissue ready when they hold something dirty.

7. Disposable Gloves

Apart from having a pack of wet tissue in Singapore, you also need disposable gloves. It will come in handy whenever you need to change the elderly and adult diapers.

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