The Dos And Don’ts When You Own A CCTV Camera

Despite Singapore having the lowest crime rate, the world is still not a safe place. Being more careful is way better than being complacent. The only way to monitor the safety of everyone is to have a CCTV surveillance system at a company and at home.

A CCTV camera in Singapore will come in handy when something unfortunate happens because you can rewind the footage and know what occurred.

The DOs

· Install In Out Of Reach Place

Every CCTV camera can only run well if you install it in a place where people can reach it without using a ladder. If you do otherwise, you can expect burglars to cut the wires, so your CCTV cameras will no longer work.

· Cover All Exits And Entry Points

The exits and entry points are where people come in and out, so you need to place a CCTV surveillance system in these areas to avoid blindspots.

· Opt For Night Vision Feature

Without the night vision feature, it would be impossible to see who are the people captured by CCTV footage. Prevent this by getting CCTV cameras in Singapore with a night vision feature.

· Check The CCTV Camera Regularly

CCTV surveillance systems can only record what happened, and it is your job to check the footage and practice countermeasures to keep burglars or trespassers away.

· Protect The CCTV Camera From External Factors

While it is true that some CCTV cameras in Singapore are waterproof, installing semi-shade places will prevent any damage that might happen.

The DON’Ts

· Leave The Wire Expose

Most CCTV surveillance systems used by a company have a discreet appearance that fools ordinary eyes. Leaving the wire exposed will only give intruders an idea of where to cut it to disrupt its function.

· Place Near Direct Sunlight

Placing the CCTV cameras will only record against-the-light footage. Due to the excessive brightness, you might not see the object or person, let alone know what happened.

· Install Before Testing It

If you do not test it, you will not know whether or not the CCTV cameras work.

Are You Ready To Get A CCTV Camera?

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