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Selecting The Best Water Treatment System For Your Home

Water is a scarce resource humans need to protect as it is essential for our survival and has different purposes. 

However, access to clean and safe water depends on geography, weather and climate, and other natural factors. Thus, some places in the world experience water scarcity and drought.

Besides, the problem doesn’t stop there. Does the water we drink and use from our faucets already clean and free from toxins, sediments, and microorganisms harmful to health?

Well, thanks to modern filtration technologies, people can drink and use water in the comfort of their homes. Water treatment facilities like Florida plumbing keep us safe from water-borne diseases and other health risks, as they regularly check and repair the pipes and sewage systems under our house.

Now, before finalizing a water treatment deal, what are the factors you should consider? We provide answers to your question through this article.

Know the contaminant first

Don’t decide on a whim. If done impulsively, purchasing and installing the latest water filtration system won’t solve issues like water smelling rotten eggs.

Selecting the best water treatment for your home depends on the type of contaminants found in the water. Always remember that substances vary from a municipal-owned service line to and private water well. 

That’s why calling experts is the right choice. They will offer professional help to determine the different elements you wish to remove from the water connected to your house. 

Trusted plumbing companies will provide you in-depth analysis to give you an idea of what steps to pursue to ensure that filtered water will run in your house’s water system.

Check the flow rate of house dispensers.

Aside from the contaminants, homeowners should also check the flow rates of their respective dishwashers, showers, water heaters, and toilet. Before choosing a water filter system for your house, don’t forget to look for the demand specifications specified by manufacturers in the manual. 

Appliances had different flow rates measured through gallons/minute. In an estimate, a showerhead flows at a rate of 2.5-5 gallons per minute. Dishwashers and toilets had five g/pm and three g/pm flow rates. 

One must get in touch with a professional to calculate the exact flow rate your filter needs. In that way, you avoid any water interruptions from disrupted water flow or water pressure.

Filter size matters

Considering a larger house water filter is a good decision. It has an increased water capacity and longer service intervals. However, an owner must check the port size matters as it affects the flow rate and water pressure before purchasing one.

A typical whole-house filter had the measurements of 4.5″x 20″ for an average home. On the other hand, large households can hold a water treatment system with 25 g/pm and 1 ½ inch ports.

Tapping a plumber in Punta Gorda can assist you in determining the appropriate filter that fits your house. Are you looking for a highly credited plumbing company? Contact Henry Plumbing Services by calling (941) 661-7398 from 8 am-6 pm every Monday to Friday or ask inquiries through our contact page.

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