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3 Benefits Of Using Sunscreen During The Summers

Are you willing to make the most of the summer sunshine? Do not forget to think of sunscreen as an integral part of your skincare and slather it on before you go out. Although being under the sun and enjoying the heat may be amusing, you still have to guard your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. Today we’ll talk about 3 major reasons why sunscreen application in the summer is crucial and has to be an integral part of your beauty routine.

1. Defence From Harmful UV Rays

The sunscreen’s key function is to protect your skin from the harm caused by ultraviolet radiation. Excessive sunray exposure may be followed by sunburn, premature aging, and an augmented risk of skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen with high SPF will build up a barrier that blocks the UV rays from going into your skin and reduces the possibility of sun damage that could lead to skin problems

2. Anti-Aging.

Sunscreen [กันแดด, which is the term in Thai] is your secret specialty for preventing premature aging of the skin due to sun exposure. The ultraviolet radiation is a cause of collagen and elastin rapid decomposition in the skin thus leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

If you apply it every day, your skin will look younger for a longer time because it stays intact and firm and is elastic. Incorporating it into your skincare routine can determine the visible signs of aging, and your skin continually stays in excellent condition.

3. Skin Cancer Risk Reduction

The sunscreen might just be the most significant protection from skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most widespread type of cancer worldwide, and ultraviolet radiation exposure is one of the main risk factors. Using sunscreen routinely, particularly during prolonged stay outside, may lower your skin cancer risk approximately by half.

Through blocking the damaging UV rays of the sun, sunscreen works as the main line of defense against skin cancer of different types such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.


In the last analysis, using sunscreen in the summertime is not just about simply preventing sunburns. Sunscreen offers essential protection against UV rays which may cause premature aging and skin cancer.

The inclusion of sunscreen daily is a simple but efficient way to protect your skin and keep it looking radiant. For that reason, before you step out into the sun, don’t forget to put some sunscreen on and have sunny days free of worries.

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