Car Breaks Down


Does And Don’ts When Your Car Breaks Down In The Middle Of The Road

We often come across situations in our life that are hazardous. Not only are those situations hazardous, but at the same time, they can lead to severe consequences as well. Similarly, a car breakdown is also an example of such an incident.

If you encounter such an incident, you are standing in the middle of the road with your vehicle broken down. In situations, you need to handle them with utmost practicality so that you can overcome the unpleasant situation.

But before you think of dialling a trailer truck (แจ็ครถยกรถลาก, which is the term in Thai)  to help you out of that situation. There are some safeness measures that you can undertake to overcome the breakdown. Therefore, this article is apt for you if you are new to the driving world.

Find Out A Safe Space

Suppose you estimate beforehand that your car or any other vehicle will break down soon. You should find a safe space and park your vehicle if anything significant happens because driving a car that might break down at any time is highly dangerous.

Switch On Your Emergency Lights

Turning on your emergency lights is perhaps the safest option if you feel like the car can break down anytime soon when you pull over your damaged vehicle on the side of the road. Or, in that case, in the middle of the road. It is best to switch on your emergency lights to attract the attention of a tow truck.

Opening The Hood Of Your Car

Suppose the car’s engine’s temperature keeps rising because of the heat accumulated in that area. Then it is ideal for you to open up the hood of your car. This way, you will be able to reduce the temperature of your car, and it will also act as an indicator to people passing nearby.

When Should You Call A Tow Truck/ Trailer Truck For Help?

Now you may wonder when is the ideal condition for you to call up a trailer truck or a car towing service provider to help you out of this situation. Well, the answer is straightforward.

You will also need the help of a car or vehicle towing service provider if you move from one town to the other. For the entire process to take place, you will have to provide some important documents, your ID card, and the service money to complete the process.

You will have communicated with the tower very well. Simply put, you will have to inform the coordinators of your exact location and other details so that the rescue process can take place smoothly.

In case the situation is serious, and it might take a while for the tower to arrive, then it is ideal that you call for instant help. Use your smartphone to call or text any local mechanic or trailer truck service provider to help you in an emergency.


In stations as such, it gets challenging for us to keep our heads cool. Most of us pan out because we do not know how to react to such a situation. After reading this post, you will definitely benefit, and I hope you will be able to deal with such an unpleasant situation much more tactfully.

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