3 Ways How Cities Can Deal With The Growing Concerns Of Urban Poverty

Poverty and food security in Singapore are less apparent societal issues lying deep beneath its glorious image in the SEA. Handling urban poverty might seem to be one of the toughest calls that require good fiscal governance and an immediate action plan from local government agencies. Addressing pervasive inequalities in economic standings within societies also comes to mind for a number of people.

Without further ado, here are a number of ways cities can handle urban poverty:

#1. Enhanced urban design

There are programs that local agencies need to implement that are aimed at urban poverty assessment and remain a crucial ground. It is for handling the issues to adjust the overall urban design to accommodate the poverty within. Outreach programs are also among the most common ones that come into mind that fits well in high urbanised settings. The urban design may also call for better, safer and more secure housing areas with access to different services.

#2. Diversification

While Singapore is known for its diverse background and culture, there’s a call for more ‘diversification’ within the urban area. It is most applicable for vulnerable groups in the community and marginalised units, especially that Singapore poverty line is non-existent. We are implying the roles of each group, including their functions in the setting. One can expect it can influence the framing facilitation for better structural transformation.

#3. Local actions

Supplementation is key when addressing the welfare and needs of every unit in the community, and it comes from local institutions and governing bodies. There are still more rooms to enhance the supplementation through social protections—which local municipalities can enact for urban poverty. Even laws that can promote the welfare of unions, having a minimum wage order or better labour income policies. However, commitment can play a significant role in understanding the actions and capacities of the urban poor.

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