How Does It Feel When Males Place Their Penis In A Male Chastity Device?

Sissy in Chastity is a way to become perfect in this field. However, the hardest part is waking up with their dick imprisoned in a plastic cage. It always takes a second to recall why there’s a bizarre contraption squeezing the life out of it. Their spasming penis appears like a kid with the nose jammed against a window as the morning wood fills it to the brim. It’s attempting to break free, to burst past the barrier of plastic to reach freedom. Only when males place their penis in a male chastity device does this happen. They wanted to know how it felt to be unable to touch the dick for days on end.

Why it is challenging to put Sissy in Chastity

  • While the mechanism appeared easy at first appearance, putting it on proved to be a challenge. The CB-3000 is made out of a penis-holding dong-shaped plastic cage and a ring that wraps around the base of the cock, trapping the balls between the ring and the cage-like a medieval peasant’s head in the stocks.
  • The ring is then locked to the cage, and everything is secured with a little padlock. The instructions were inadequate, but a fantastic animated GIF on the device’s website guided me through the process. Who has guessed that the same media that has been used to capture adorable kittens falling could also be utilized to assist to paralyze their hog?
  • It’s not very comfortable due to the device’s weight and form; trying to squeeze it into tight underwear or slacks was practically impossible. Surprisingly, even with form-fitting jeans, it didn’t cause much of a bulge. Some people thought the basket was larger than life, and they assumed that everyone else was paying attention to it as well.

After carefully observing the reactions of a large number of passers-by, some people believe no one noticed. Men were wandering around, holding meetings, going to work, and riding the subway with this strange device in their pants, which was part of the enjoyment of the whole experiment. The finest part, though, was yet to come. The oddest aspect of the chastity device was that it both made men think about their dick and rendered it obsolete.

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