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The Three Essential Ways To Seek Work Visa In Singapore

Singapore has been popular for minimal living costs, affordable taxis, and a relatively warm & welcoming environment. Popular with the world as the hub to Asia, the nation is safe and secure for residing. Working and living in the city has become a common dream. 

With the steadily growing job market in the popular Asian city, most industries have come up with many local companies offering a chance to qualified people to work and reside in the town. 

How Do You Get A Job In Singapore?

You might wonder about working in Singapore. Before you contemplate working in the city, you should get help with Singapore work application. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that to work in Singapore, you would require Singapore work visa. It would be worth noting that your visa options would be based on your experience and profile. Let us delve into the three most common ways qualified professionals seek desired jobs in the Asian city. 

  • Get Employed

 Your employer could make your work visa application on your behalf. Employment Pass would be based on your qualifications and experience. However, to qualify for Employment Pass, you would be required to adhere to the stipulation of earning a fixed salary of 4500$ to 5000$ in the financial arena. You would also be required to show sound qualifications, including professional qualifications, specialist skills, and a good degree. 

  • Expert On The Subject Matter

You could be eligible for the Professional Employment Pass or PEP, independent of any employer. It would enable you to look for various opportunities in the city without hampering the validity of your employment pass. You could stay in the city for nearly six months by holding PEP. However, it would also enable you to look for new employment options during your stay and employment. Rest assured that the PEP has a validity of three months with a non-renewable aspect. Therefore, before applying for a job in Singapore, you should hold an existing employment pass or be an overseas applicant without employment for more than six months. 

  • Dependent Of A Work Visa Holder In Singapore

When you relocate to Singapore with your parents and spouse, the chances of you holding a Dependants Pass would be higher. Therefore, you would be allowed to work in Singapore without a work visa, provided you were dependent on a person holding the EP or PEP. You would also be required to apply for a Letter of Consent from your employer to work in Singapore.

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