Be Aware of Heated Tobacco Products Used These Days

Whatever you are doing during the day, whether it is working from your home, meeting up with your close friends to enjoying a quick drink, or just running errands, your tobacco indulgence must fit seamlessly into your hectic schedule.

IQQS is a revolutionary heated tobacco product, which is simple to use and courteous to others because it emits no smoke. On the website, you can find an appropriate one for you.

IQOS are electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine in a different way than traditional tobacco cigarettes. IQOS is a mix of a traditional cigarette and also an electronic cigarette that is supposed to heat instead of burning tobacco.

In comparison to both combustible types of cigarettes and all other nicotine delivery systems, little is known regarding the toxicity and public health consequences of these products.

Despite this, IQOS and a few¬†more¬†heated tobacco products are gaining foot¬†in several countries, thanks in part to the manufacturer’s aggressive promotion and claims that the devices are safer.

Most public health experts agree that there must be best evidence-based techniques that should be used to prevent tobacco-related death and illness.

Helping addicted tobacco users for switching to less dangerous alternatives could be one of these techniques to truly lessen the population burden because of tobacco-related diseases.

It is vital to remember these two objectives – alternate tobacco delivery devices that¬†may be safer for individual smokers than combustible cigarettes, but if they don’t lead to a drop in smoking prevalence, there is no benefit to public health.

What do we presently know as far as the IQOS safety is concerned, and the impact that their adoption may have on the rate of smoking, disease burden, and premature mortality in the population?

Regrettably, much information on IQOS and comparable devices is currently limited to only industry reports. These include data from the toxicity of the product and human exposure research, as well as marketing observations.

In general, the findings are not all that surprising. There are few data points, and there is no long-term research on the effects of using IQOS on the human population.

Despite this, certain addictive products are being pushed by highlighting (or exaggerating) the minimal evidence for their ability to alleviate harm while downplaying evidence for their potential toxicity.

A skeptical point of view, conditioned by experience is that this could be part of the strategic efforts of the tobacco industry to maintain present tobacco product users while also generating new users of nicotine.

We can only make a few recommendations about what we don’t know about IQOS right now but need to know in order to make the optimal tobacco control policy decisions.

To inform product consumers, public health professionals, as well as regulatory bodies about the potential impacts of IQOS on public health and other HTPs, independent research is essential.

Furthermore, if industry reports of various research studies are also submitted to regulatory agencies, raw laboratory data must be carefully analyzed to make sure the results can be adequately tested and accurately interpreted.

However, so far no negative reports have been found and many people in many parts of the world have appreciated IQOS.

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