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Which One Is A Better Choice A Ceiling Fan Or A Chandelier

For a long time, interior designers have been discussing whether a chandelier or a ceiling fan is a better solution. You can also see spouses arguing over the same thing at the time of remodeling or moving to a new house. Both ceiling fan and chandeliers have their uses and pros, and cons. Some people look at them in a different light. To some people, one is a complete waste of money, an ugly piece of junk, and a waste of space.

While the other one is the ultimate look changer and a valuable pearl. The ceiling fan occasionally wins the race, while the chandelier defeats it some time. However, the million-dollar question remains the same which one to choose? A chandelier or a ceiling fan. How about you getting both a ceiling fan with a beautiful chandelier?   

No, no one is joking here or playing a prank on you. These days, you have a wide range of products to pick for your living room or bedroom with a combination of a ceiling fan and chandelier. To stop people from debating about chandelier and ceiling fans manufacturers has come up with an innovative idea of combining these two options. The Sofary offers a great range of ceiling fan chandeliers.

At Sofary, you can pick anyone you like or ones that suit your style the best. There you have many options like 5- blade candle-style crystal ceiling fan having a remote control, a 5-blade raindrop crystal ball ceiling fan having a remote control, a 5-blade black crystal branch ceiling fan having a remote control, and many more. All you need is to install these fans in your living room or bedroom. For installing such fan, first of all, you need to –

  • Determine the correct size fan
  • Remove your existing light fixture
  • Install a support brace for the fan
  • Install a fan mounting bracket
  • Connecting the fan motor wiring
  • Attach the blades of the fan
  • Attach the light fixture
  • Install a wall control switch 

That is all you can now use your chandelier fan. However, a few people still want to debate when to use a ceiling fan or a chandelier. In that case, read on to get your answer.

When are ceiling fans better than the chandelier?

People who find ceiling fan a complete waste of money and a piece of junk may find it useless, but there are times when ceiling fans prove better than chandeliers. Everyone is well aware of the use of a ceiling fan. However, when it comes it air-conditioning, it plays a crucial part. At the same time, it is better when your room has a 7-8 feet distance between floor and ceiling. It is also a better choice for bug deterrents, elegant versatility, and functional lighting, as these days, many fans come with inbuilt lighting.

When chandeliers are a better choice than ceiling fans?

A chandelier is a valuable fixture for many homeowners as it adds different vibes and elegance to the room design. However, in the case of aesthetics and durability, the chandeliers are better than ceiling fans. At the same time, chandeliers are best for rooms with high ceilings. It also saves space and is slow on energy consumption.

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