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How To Facilitate English Learning For Kids?

How To Facilitate English Learning For Kids

English is a language that dominates the world today. Be it social media or businesses and corporations, English is present in each & every sphere. For that reason, it becomes crucial to be well-versed in the language. Only then will we be able to keep up with the world?

Also, many careers demand English as a necessity. In such circumstances, being ill-equipped with English can hold us back. A strong foundation in the language from early years would thereby provide a strong base for the future.

As children have incredible learning capacities, they can pick up a language with remarkable ease. Due to this, the attempt to make them skilled in English is often emphasized. In this blog, we will discuss how children can be made to pore over the language.

Tips To Facilitate English Learning In Kids

Considering the indispensable significance of the English language, let us discuss some tips regarding English for 2-12 year-old kids (เรียนภาษาอังกฤษ เด็กอายุ 6-12 ปี, which is the term in Thai):

  • Altering The Environment

Environment plays a crucial role in learning. Once a child finds the English language all around his surroundings, he would naturally get the hang of it. Therefore, from movies and music to newspapers and conversations, ensure that English shows up in all these dimensions. Gradually, you would be able to discern how, in a tremendously short period, the child turns into an expert from a novice.

  • Playing English Games

When children are made to play games, they might be motivated by the desire to win. When fueled by motivation, the learning process often speeds up. Moreover, taking the short attention span of children into account, the employment of engaging and fun games can be an excellent way to help upkeep their interest! Consequently, acquiring English proficiency becomes a thrilling venture for them!

  • Developing A Reading Routine

You can buy some English comic books for children of age ranging from six to twelve. By starting with comic books, they can, bit by bit, smoothly incorporate the habit of reading into their daily schedule. For children below the age of six, an alphabet or spelling book would be apt to begin with. As they age, a smooth transition to increasingly complex English books would be the best route.


In the above blog, we’ve covered the essential tips that would help establish a solid ground for acquiring English expertise. From games and books to music and movies, we’ve included all the divergent possible ways to facilitate English Learning in Kids. If implemented with consistency, the tips can give you results in no time!

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