Top 3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Car Tyres?

The first step to making your drives safe and stress-free is taking adequate care of your tires. Your tires will perform at their peak if you follow these easy 4 instructions.

Our car’s tires are generally taken for granted until they are punctured or need to be replaced. Even then, we pay very little attention to these crucial elements. However, the repercussions of this carelessness could be severe.

Poor tire maintenance can frequently result in repeated punctures, a terrible ride, poor vehicle stability, and ineffective braking. All of this sounds awful, we wager. But is taking care of our tires requires a lot of work? So you can take a Car pledge (รับจํานํารถ, which is the term in Thai).

1. Air Pressure Level

Believe it or not, maintaining proper air pressure is the most critical step in extending the life of your tires, and you must be very careful about it. Air pressure immediately impacts ride comfort, steering accuracy, and vehicle stability.

Your automobile will be more bouncy and unstable with overinflated tires, especially while navigating corners. The tires wear out more quickly from the center than the sides due to excessive pressure.

On the other hand, under-inflated tires need more fuel to move and have higher tread wear, which shortens their life. Low-air pressure tires are less fuel-efficient to drive on and quickly develop side wear.

2. Tread Depth

If your tyre lacks tread depth, you could run into several issues, such as less effective braking, sloppy handling, and decreased vehicle stability, particularly on wet terrain. At this point, your tires’ tread depth must be at least 1.6 mm.

A tyre’s tread pattern comprises ribs, sipes, and grooves. All of these contribute to your car’s traction and stability. However, inadequate tread depth might make your car slide and cause collisions, especially when braking. Therefore, you must always ensure that your car tires have a minimum 1.6mm tread depth.

3. Alignment And Balancing

These are the two factors that an owner must never ignore. Appropriately aligned wheels help extend tire life as much as feasible. They increase not only a vehicle’s stability but also its handling. Radials are more vulnerable to wear, and safety is compromised in cases of misalignment, though. It results in lousy cornering and dangerous driving in wet and slippery conditions. To ensure safe and enjoyable driving, the wheels must be precisely aligned.

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