How To Organise Your Cheap Storage Space In Singapore

The challenging part of using a self storage unit in Singapore is not moving in your items but finding them when you finally need them. If your storage unit is organised, then congrats. But if not, you are like searching for a needle in haystacks.

The key is to organise your cheap storage space in Singapore while moving in your stuff. Here are some tips on how to keep your things clean inside your storage unit:

1. Keep a list of your stuff.

Stores keep a list of their merchandise to track their inventory. You can do this trick, too! Keep a list of your bedroom stuff, kitchen things, and so on. Much better if you take a photo before packing them.

That way, whenever you are looking for an item, you will know if it is in your self storage unit in Singapore or in your home. You will not waste your time searching both places.

2. Disassemble your furniture.

It is better to dismantle your furniture first than to store them as is in your storage space for rent in Singapore. You can save space by doing so. You can keep the parts and pieces in a box. You can also create a list of how many screws, nails, or bolts should be in the box before sealing it. That way, you will know if some parts are missing.

3. Store all related items in one box.

Mixing all items in one box is a disaster waiting to happen. Keep all bedroom items in one container. You can do the same for the kitchen and living room. You can also group all fragile items.

Label each box by its room designation or category. Don’t forget to put fragile warnings on your plates and glasses!

4. Make your frequently needed items accessible.

If you need your fishing gear and swimwear every summer, place them in the frontmost part of the unit. Placing them at the back of your storage solutions unit in Singapore makes them inaccessible.

Find what you need at your cheap storage space in Singaporeeasilyby using these tips!


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