6 Common Bicycle Options at Rental Shops in East Coast Park

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There are a few bicycle rental shops along East Coast Park and other parts of Singapore. It is a more scenic way to explore the city and enjoy the sights it has to offer. However, not everyone knows which bicycle is the best for them. Here are six common types of bikes you can get from rental shops.

#1 Road Bicycles

Road bicycle rentals at a shop in East Coast Park or other parts of Singapore are for riding quickly on smooth pavement. You may use this bike for on-road racing because of its narrow tyres and drop handlebars. They are often lighter in weight than other types of bicycles. Because most road bikes are incapable of carrying high loads, they are unsuitable for commuting or touring.

#2 Mountain Bicycles

Mountain bikes are for tough off-road riding. It features flat or upright handlebars and a low gear range with shock absorbers or suspension for riding over steep slopes. You can see this type of bicycle near Bukit Timah Hill more than bicycle rental shops at East Coast Park.

#3 Hybrid Bicycles

Hybrid bicycle options at rental shops around East Coast Park combine the benefits of both road and mountain bikes. The tyres are typically medium-width with semi-smooth tread to provide enough traction and comfort on uneven routes. Their design offers a comfortable riding position and is ideal for short-distance commuting and errands.

#4 Cruiser Bicycles

Cruiser bicycle rentals at a shop in East Coast Park or other parts of the island are for leisure riding, like hybrid bikes. Cruisers often feature balloon tyres and even more high handlebars. As long as you are at a level route, you may also use cruiser bicycles for short-distance commuting and errands.

#5 City Bicycles

The phrase city bicycle does not relate to a specific type. Moreover, most people also refer to it as a commuter or urban bike. This bicycle type at rental shops in East Coast Park and around Singapore features elements of both a hybrid and a cruiser bike.

#6 Tandem Bicycles

Tandem Bicycles are ridden together by two people. They come in various types, including cruiser and hybrid tandems for the bike path or boardwalk. Other shops also offer off-road mountain bikes and high-performance road racing tandems. It is one of the most popular options at East Coast Park rental shops for a family wanting to ride a bicycle.

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