4 Tricks to Make an Interactive Virtual Event in Singapore

Launching a virtual event in Singapore has its advantages over its physical counterpart. However, one of its downsides is audiences can easily leave and do something else. This usually happens when there is little to no engagement or entertainment during the event. Therefore, here are four tips and tricks to help make your live streaming sessions interactive.

1. Use Real-Time Chat

One of the most basic ways to increase audience engagement of your virtual event is by providing a chat system to allow viewers to send messages. However, since this method includes several risks like trolls, unrelated discussions, and spam, it is advisable to have moderators to ensure everyone acts appropriately. Additionally, don’t forget to tell your presenters to read and utilise the chat system.

2. Polls

Polls and surveys provide viewers with the idea that they have an opportunity to contribute to your virtual event. It removes the thought that they are mere spectators watching experts discuss or introduce products, issues, and more. However, if your virtual event organiser in Singapore plans to include polls, remember to integrate the data into the presentation. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of adding surveys.

3. Hire Entertainers

No matter how large or small your live streaming event in Singapore is, having entertainers act as hosts or fill up the short breaks between discussions is an excellent way to maintain audience engagement. They could be comedians, magicians, or even your brand ambassadors.

4. Gamifying Your Event

Applying game mechanics like point systems and scavenger hunts can significantly improve audience engagement, especially if they could win prizes. After all, most people would like to get something tangible out of their participation.

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