3 Effective Methods To Reduce Air Compressor Noise

Air compressors are excellent sources of power. It’s no doubt that many seek quality, high-performance air compressors in Singapore for fulfilling their application needs from construction to the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, with the amount of energy it releases as a byproduct of its process, it generates noise as a result. The audio we hear and the level at which we hear it hinges on the distance to the source, as well as various other variables in the particular environment.

Vibration dampening

Creating a structure and fitting it with dampening material made up of an elastic product is an effective method of reducing an equipment’s vibrations and the sound it generates. The thicker the dampening barrier, the extra more it will effectively minimise vibrations. However, it may be one of the most simple yet cost-effective and cost-efficient methods for reducing vibration with limited results.

Vibration insulation

If you can’t afford to buy a silent air compressor in Singapore, most industrial workplaces would often resolve noise problems through insulation. By avoiding the transfer from vibrations from one part of a structure to one more, you can decrease the audio levels generated from the operating equipment. One commonplace of resonance transfer is from a large piece of machinery with the flooring. Suppose there are nearby objects, the higher the noise contact transfer to objects that often results in vibration and can even multiply if there are more. When it comes to insulation application, you should keep in mind that the material will depend on the size of the machine and the area where it operates.

Sound Insulation

It involves positioning an acoustic barrier between the noise source and the receiving spot. It indicates that only part of the noise can be shielded, relying on the barrier and its individual features. However, the bigger the insulation barrier is, the better the noise reduction which is more effective if you’re using larger air compressor equipment.

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