Benefits of Reconditioned Electrical Transformers

When both lead time and budget are factors, reconditioned transformers are a good choice. Equipment can be sourced and remanufactured according to your specifications and demands by a variety of companies. Standard manufacturing lead times might range from nine to twenty weeks. Companies do maintain an inventory that can serve their consumers in 3-4 weeks and even provide a warranty that is longer than new. The typical guarantee for a reconditioned transformer is three years, with options and adders allowing for warranties of up to ten years. Businesses know that High to Low Voltage, which includes industrial transformers, is their go-to source for industrial equipment and electrical services.

1. Quickness of delivery

In the United States, new transformer manufacturing lead times range from 10 to 30 weeks, depending on market conditions. Many projects, especially emergency replacements, just cannot be completed in this time range. The turnaround period for reconditioning is between one and three weeks. Furthermore, because the United States has one of the oldest and most widely used distribution systems, there are dozens of distinct distribution voltages.

2. Lower Prices

Reconditioned transformers are typically 10{c6aa7862ce8a0f81cb9a684f185383ba99a8f6f8e908aeb3355b9ac27aec284b} to 40{c6aa7862ce8a0f81cb9a684f185383ba99a8f6f8e908aeb3355b9ac27aec284b} less expensive than new transformers. But what about the power savings that new, more efficient designs can provide? While there have been some efficiency advancements in transformer design, the savings in electric bills will never cover the additional upfront cost of a new transformer.

3. Reduced Failure Risk

The vast majority of transformer failures occur right after they are turned on. Between the third and the thirty-first year in service, there are relatively few failures. That is if a transformer has been successfully activated, served for a period of time, and then removed from service with no concerns, a secondary buyer of such a unit has the added assurance of acquiring a transformer that has been truly proven in the field.

4. Less of an impact on the environment

Although some argue that new transformers are more efficient, ecologically friendly, and have lower losses. Even recent efficiency increases, however, will never be enough to compensate for the environmental damage.

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