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How To Prepare For A Hair Perm?

Beauty is everything. Besides having a skincare routine and eating a healthy diet, many people, especially women, spend their time styling their hair before going to work or meeting up with their date. Some people get a hair perm to save some time with their daily routine.

A hair perm is a permanent hairstyle that involves curling the hair with chemicals. With this, the curls will last for months, and of the types of perm, Korean perm is taking Singapore by storm. Given the popularity of Korean dramas, it is not surprising that many people want to look the same as their idols.

Below are the things you should do to prepare for a hair perm.

1. Do Not Get Your Hair Bleached

During the bleaching process, the bleaching agents will swell and open up the hair cuticles leaving the hair with a lighter shade. At this point, the scalp is still sensitive and getting a hair perm will only lead to further hair damage.

2. Avoid Getting A Layered Haircut

Besides bleaching the hair, you should also avoid getting a layered haircut. Remember that if someone with a layered haircut gets a hair perm, the curls will look disconnected and will not look as bouncy as they should be.

3. Skip Keratin Treatment

Since keratin treatment’s main objective is to straighten hair instead of curling it, it does not go well with hair perms. If you receive keratin treatment the days before the hair perm, you can expect the curls won’t last very long.

4. Never Get Hair Colour On The Same Day

Whether regular or Korean perm in Singapore, the entire process involves using perming agents, which are various chemicals that help the curls last longer. You will only damage your scalp if you also get hair colour on the same day you get your hair curled.

5. Take A Day Off

The process of hair perming can take anywhere from one to two hours or longer, depending on how long your hair is. In that case, it is advisable to take a day off so your hair can rest at home.

6. Get Ready For Hair Maintenance

Having curly hair might look good, but it requires extensive hair maintenance. Consider learning all the processes before getting a hair perm. Doing so allows you to know what you are getting yourself into.

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