Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting


A Handy Guide to Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting

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Bobsweep robot vacuums have become increasingly popular, with numerous positive Bobsweep reviews and a high Bobsweep rating. These devices provide an efficient and convenient way to maintain a clean home. However, as with any technology, users may occasionally encounter issues that require troubleshooting. This article will discuss common problems faced by Bobsweep robot vacuum owners and offer solutions to help you get your device back on track.

1. Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Not Charging

One issue mentioned in some Bobsweep robot vacuum reviews is difficulty charging the device. If your Bobsweep robot vacuum isn’t charging, first check that the charging base is correctly connected to a power outlet. Ensure that the metal charging contacts on both the vacuum and the charging base are clean and free of debris. If the problem persists, try resetting the vacuum by turning it off, waiting 30 seconds, and then turning it back on.

2. Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Not Starting or Stopping Mid-Cycle

If your Bobsweep robot vacuum doesn’t start or stops unexpectedly during a cleaning cycle, check for any visible obstructions, such as tangled cords, hair, or debris caught in the wheels or brushes. Remove any obstructions and ensure that the dustbin is empty and securely in place. If the issue continues, reset the vacuum and try again.

3. Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Not Navigating Properly

Navigation issues can arise in both the Bobsweep Slam model, as noted in the Bobsweep Slam review, and the Bobsweep Pethair model, as seen in the Bobsweep Pethair review. If your vacuum seems to be struggling with navigation, make sure there are no obstacles blocking its path or sensors. Also, ensure that the device’s wheels and side brushes are clean and functioning correctly. A soft cloth can be used to wipe the sensors gently.

4. Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Not Picking Up Debris

If your Bobsweep robot vacuum isn’t picking up debris effectively, first check that the dustbin is not full. Empty and clean the dustbin and filter if necessary. Inspect the main brush and side brushes for wear or damage, and replace them if needed. Additionally, ensure that the vacuum’s suction inlet is free of obstructions.

5. Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Error Codes

In case your Bobsweep robot vacuum displays an error code, refer to the user manual for specific troubleshooting steps based on the error code. Alternatively, visit the Bobsweep website or contact their customer support for assistance.


While Bobsweep robot vacuums are designed for efficiency and convenience, occasional issues may arise. By following these troubleshooting tips, you can quickly resolve most common problems and keep your vacuum operating at peak performance. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of your Bobsweep robot vacuum, as praised in many Bobsweep robot vacuum reviews.

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