Flaky scalps


Reasons Why Scalps Peel Off In Chunks

Flaky scalps can be a result of dandruff, dermatitis, or psoriasis. It can be an uncomfortable situation that leads to peeling and itching of the scalp. Before the situation gets worse, treat your hair and scalp.

Reasons For Scales Peeling Off

Apart from skin conditions, the fungal growth in the scalp can also make the skin peel off. This chronic condition results from excess oil contained on the scalp. Sometimes the balance of the pH level of the scalp triggers the condition.

Poor cleansing habits and allergic reactions to any hair product can be some of the reasons. The product build-up on the scalp leads to a flaky scalp. It looks like balls of

dirt or small clumps that appear sporadically all over the scalp. If you can wash your hair often with minimum chemical-rich products, it can solve such problems.

How Can You Solve This Problem

Scalp itching can lower your confidence. You can avoid the problem entirely with the help of these tips.

  • Washing Hair Often

Avoid washing your hair often. It can take off your moisturizer from the scalp. If you think, ‘why is my scalp peeling off in chunks,’ you need to change the washing pattern.

  • Change Shampoo When Needed

After using a shampoo for 1 to 2 months, if it does not give you the desired result, you need to work on your shampoo. Using different brands of shampoo can help you to find your best peak. Try looking for a sulfate-free shampoo.

  • Know The Trick To Applying Shampoo

Whenever you use shampoo to cure the flakes, you must use a dandruff shampoo. as you lather the shampoo twice, you must let it sit for at least 5 minutes. During this time, the shampoo will work better. After cleansing the shampoo, make sure that you use a conditioner. This process can help to protect the hair from getting dry.

  • Don’t Scratch The Flakes

Even if the flakes itch, you need to avoid itching. Doing it can cause hair loss or bleeding. Further, it can increase the problem and make it worse.

See A Doctor When Needed

If the tips do not work for you, then the only way out is to look for a skin doctor. A stronger dandruff shampoo, as prescribed by the doctor, can help you to get rid of the problem faster. If the scalp flaking is caused by scalp psoriasis, medical practitioners can help you with different treatments.

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