Businesses Must Know These Things Before Using WeChat Work

Communication technologies constantly improve over time, providing consumers worldwide better user experience. One of the technological innovations becoming increasingly important among the broad audience is instant messaging (IM) applications, including WeChat. This year, China’s WeChat is among the most used IM apps by users globally, with almost 1.5 million unique monthly users.

Businesses can consider integrating WeChat’s Work into their communication operations. However, there are things organizations must take note of, especially for enterprises outside mainland China aiming to connect with Chinese consumers. Organizations must learn the following:

Account Registration Policies

Businesses can freely download WeChat Work and use its free features to maximize their telemarketing campaigns. WeChat Work, the app’s dedicated work platform, can enable businesses to integrate third-party applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM), which makes it easier to streamline all business processes.

However, international telemarketers must verify themselves first to communicate legally with Chinese clients. They can do this by having a Mainland Chinese business license.

Get a Seamless Operating Experience with WeChat Accounts

Businesses can integrate WeChat accounts to enhance operations, especially by letting clients contact the firm’s sales agents quickly. As stated earlier, WeChat Work has features allowing organizations to do so. Through WeChat Work, sales agents can see and respond to all inquiries immediately. Quick responses play an integral role in customer retention because users want their problems solved as soon as possible.

Stay Compliant with Regulatory Standards

WeChat Work uses end-to-end encryption to secure communication channels between the business and customers. Encrypting messages end-to-end keeps external forces away from seeing the conversation exchanges. However, this feature has its shortcoming of allowing fraudsters and scammers to commit illegal activities without a trace.

The US and other countries penalize businesses without records of all business communications relayed through IM apps, such as WeChat. Compliance is a must among regulated enterprises. Thus, requiring them to WeChat archive to capture and store WeChat communications. The said tool enables organizations to keep track of messages automatically to comply with existing rules.

LeapXpert’s WeChat Archiving Solution

Businesses searching for a reputable WeChat archiving provider can trust LeapXpert. Leppert is a trusted mobile archiving company that offers cutting-edge archiving tools. Contact them today to become knowledgeable about their products.

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