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The Science of Sleep: Understanding the Link Between Mattresses and Neck/Back Pain

The Science of Sleep Understanding the Link Between Mattresses and Neck Back Pain

Good sleep is beneficial to improve one’s physical and mental health. For starters, having enough sleep can boost productivity, especially for those who work long hours or at school. It can also strengthen one’s motor skills and reaction time as the body regains energy from sleeping. 

Despite the benefits, many individuals experience back or neck pains after they wake up from a long sleep. One of the reasons is the quality of the mattress they have. 

Many people have associated neck and back pain with certain medical conditions. However, having a poor-quality mattress is often the main reason a person experiences discomfort when they wake up. Wrong beds can increase your chances of getting a disease or a medical condition. 

How Mattresses Contribute to Body Pains

One of the reasons your mattress causes back and neck pains is because of its firmness level. Beds have different firmness levels depending on certain body times and conditions. 

If you sleep on a too-soft mattress, your spine might deteriorate in the long run, as the mattress cannot support it properly. Conversely, if you opt to use hard beds, it can create pressure points to your bed, particularly to your neck and back. 

It is advisable to purchase a firm mattress for back and neck pain relief. This way, you can protect your spine and maintain a good posture in the long run. 

Low-quality built mattresses can increase the chances of body pains. They are usually made of substandard materials and structures that cannot support your spine effectively. You can opt for the Nishikawa air mattress, as it offers extensive comfort and a quality experience for anyone needing great sleep. 

Invest in High-Quality Mattress

A high-quality mattress is necessary for a better and more relaxing sleeping experience. It also allows you to improve your blood circulation, making your body healthier and safe from medical concerns.

Prolonged use of bad mattresses can cause severe medical conditions, enabling you to spend more money. With many available mattresses, you should be practical and well-informed before purchasing one. 

To know more, read this infographic from Air Nishikawa.


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