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Maintenance Tips: 4 Warning Signs That You Need Aircon Servicing

Owning an aircon is a necessity when living in a tropical country where days can be hotter than usual. Aside from that, you also consider costs and responsibilities because they require regular aircon cleaning and chemical wash services to maintain their quality and efficiency.

In this article, let us explore some warning signs and indications that you might need to contact a professional service provider.


Check the vent and other exterior parts, and if you notice dirt and other debris, consider calling an aircon servicing company in Singapore because it is already due for regular maintenance. You can also clean them yourself, but it might take time and effort. (Tip: Hiring a professional is better because they clean more than your regular household cleaning products.)


If you wake up on some nights feeling hot and sweaty because your aircon is not working, immediately call an aircon servicing company to address your problems. You should also do this when you observe anything unusual about the performance because disregarding it might worsen the condition.


The increasing electric bill can be a warning sign that your aircon needs a chemical overhaul or other services to improve its quality. Why? It might be losing power or being weaker than usual, and you might waste more money in the long run if you do not solve this issue. (Tip: Always check your bills for any unusual activity.)


If you renovate your room, did a few modifications, or forgot to clean it for a few days, consider hiring an aircon cleaning professional to achieve a spotless interior. They do not have to be broken or damaged because people say prevention is better than cure!

Coldway Aircon Service Singapore offers chemical overhauls and regular servicing for clients who need them. Visit their website for more information. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need Aircon Maintenance Services In Singapore

Summer season is fast-approaching, meaning your air conditioners will do the magic for the sweaty days coming! But what if you encounter several issues in your unit? Don’t worry. Aircon maintenance companies in Singapore will come to the rescue!

Read over some common problems that may require aircon repair services in Singapore.


If your air conditioner starts to leak, it may be due to low efficiency, high power consumption, damaged compressor, or coil issues. The only way to fix these is by getting aircon repair services in Singapore.


If your AC is full of dust, dirt, and pollutants, it stops blowing cold air. Have an aircon chemical overhaul every two weeks for filter cleaning and reconditioning, and change your filters every two months.


If your unit makes different sounds, it may be a sign to contact an aircon maintenance technician in Singapore. Here are some sounds you may encounter:

  • HISSING means your refrigerant has leaks or damages.
  • CLICKING might be a relay problem.
  • BANGING or THUMPING symbolises motor and blower issues.
  • SCREECHING occurs due to the damaged compressor.
  • BUZZING means faulty wirings or electrical components.

If your AC blows a pungent smell, it is due to mould. For fire or smoky scent, it may indicate faulty wirings burning inside. If it smells like a rotten egg, it may be due to insects dying inside the unit. To remove this foul odour, get an aircon chemical wash or overhaul.


If your AC doesn’t drain water properly, it may be due to clogging by dust, algae, mould, fungus, and mildew. Ensure to clean your unit every so often, especially the pipes.

Having a well-maintained unit can help avoid more severe and costly air conditioner problems. So, as frequently as possible, get an aircon checkup and troubleshooting in Singaporeto ensure its good condition before use. Service technicians will deeply assess any potential or underlying problems with your AC and resolve them ASAP.

Contact Good Cool Aircon Servicing And Repair today for the most affordable aircon chemical wash price rates in Singapore!

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